Commercial Painters Serving Alamo Heights, Helotes & Stone Oak, TX

Commercial Painting Service


It’s something that can’t be bought – it can only be earned. That’s why Rainbow Painting & Contracting insist that everything we do is done right, the first time. Shortcuts and poor quality workmanship are not tolerated – we just can’t afford to give you anything but the best.

Prep Work

Prep Work makes the difference between a successful project and a failed attempt. At Rainbow Painting & Contracting, special attention is always given to preparing surfaces to be painted to ensure the best possible outcome.We're proud to offer our outstanding painting services to homeowners and businesses


Plays a vital role in all our work, but has a special focus on all of our commercial projects. All of our workers are OSHA certified and follow strict safety policies. Because of this, Rainbow Painting & Contracting has an excellent safety record with zero safety incidents over the last 10 years.


Important consideration in all business transactions, but it’s sometimes easy to confuse cost and value. The lowest price is usually not the best value. At Rainbow Painting & Contracting, we believe that professional, high-quality work done for a competitive price will always give you the best possible value.