Cabinets Refinishing in San Antonio

Rainbow Painting & Contracting provides you with a range of services which include painting of interior and exterior parts of your residential or commercial buildings, deck and fence finishing, pressure washing, mold removal, water damage removal, texture removal, wallpaper removal, and more. In all of the services that we provide to our customers and clients, we ensure in providing quality. Quality is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our services also include cabinets refinishing in San Antonio. When refinishing cabinets, we sand the cabinets to remove edges and smooth down the surface. In addition to this, we also stain the cabinets so that they look brand new. Whether these cabinets are in the kitchen or in the bathroom, we provide finishing services for all. Finishing a cabinet requires skill, patience, and knowledge of how the cabinets will look in the final form.

To get the desired look, a cabinet would require more than one coat of paint. A fresh stain will make your cabinet look brand new. In finishing a cabinet, clients often want to remove the old stain on the cabinet. This job requires expert skill and care and can only be done by a professional. Therefore, our staff makes sure that in removing an older finish on the cabinet does no damage the cabinet. Moreover, our staff makes sure that the final form of the cabinet is exactly what was asked by our clients.

At Rainbow Painting & Contracting, customer satisfaction takes the top priority over everything else. For us, a happy client is a satisfied client and we make sure that our services are bound to leave you happy. Not only does our staff provides quality work, but also gets the job done in time. Our staff is not only highly trained but also has years of experience due to working on a variety of projects for our clients. Moreover, we provide training to our staff to help them grow with the demands of our clients. In addition to this, our clients can trust our staff members since we perform background checks on them before anyone of them are hired.

If you have any questions regarding the services we provide, you can contact us on the email address and phone number given on our website.