Professional Removal Popcorn Ceilings in San Antonio

Rainbow Painting & Contracting provides a range of services to their clients. We provide interior and exterior paint services, in addition to pressure washing, finishing for decks and fences, mold removal, wallpaper removal, water damage removal, and much more.

We services include professional removal popcorn ceilings in San Antonio. When removing the popcorn texture form a wall or ceiling, it is essential that there is no damage. Damage to the wall in any way can cause a multitude of problems if not treated. If the wall is damaged, you would need to repair the wall as well. This is often a time-consuming task that not only wastes resources but also clients’ time. This is why in removing a popcorn texture, our staff treats it with expert care so that there are little or no damages to the infrastructure.

Once you are done with removing texture from a wall or ceiling, you have the option of retexturing a wall, adding wallpaper, or painting the surface. Our team provides all of these services with quality work. We also provide free consultation services to our clients to ensure that they get the best possible services.

Our staff at Rainbow Painting & Contracting is not only trained but is highly experienced as well. Since we have worked on a range of projects with our clients, our staff has gained experience over the years. In addition to this, we ensure that our staff is equipped with the latest tools and materials that help them get the job done with quality work.

For Rainbow Painting & Contracting, customer satisfaction is the top priority. We provide quality work and that too on time. Our team ensures to make sure that we have happy clients. In this, we provide you with the best services and workmanship that is bound to wow you. Once we are done with the job, you will never hire anyone else again.

If you have any queries regarding the services we provide, feel free to contact us. To contact us, you will find email addresses and a phone number available on our website. We would be happy to get back to you.