Texture Wall Paint Services San Antonio

At Rainbow Painting & Contracting, we provide quality services that ensure that your house looks and feels like a home. With our dedicated staff, we ensure that everything gets done in time.

When it comes to texture wall paint services in San Antonio, our staff makes use of the latest equipment to give you the best results. Texture painting a wall requires expert care. Before the wall can be textured, it has to be prepared for the next coat of paint. In doing so, we ensure that your wall is not damaged in any way. Moreover, our staff smoothes down the wall so that when the texture is applied there are no bumps in it. Only a crew with knowledge and experience will provide excellent services without having to paint a second time. Rainbow Painting & Contracting does the job right the first time around. Our staff is highly trained in providing our clients with interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial buildings.  

Our work speaks for itself. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we value quality workmanship, and being efficient. When you hire us, we provide our clients with free consultation services as well so that you get the best out of our services. Often clients approach us because of the variety of options they have in interior and exterior paintings. We consider factors such as lighting, and purpose of a building to decide the paint type and texture that best suits the wall.

When we are on-the-job, our clients trust us without any worries. This is because we perform background checks on all of our employees. Moreover, you don’t have to hire additional people to move furniture and wall hangings to get a paint job done. We do it ourselves for the convenience of our clients.

In addition to this, we also provide services such as pressure washing, wallpaper removal services, water damage repair services, wall repair services and more. Not only this, but we also provide services to remove old texture paints and replace them with new and fresh-looking texture walls. This can make your interior look new.

Feel free to contact us on the email and phone number provided. We would be happy to be of service.