Best Interior & Exterior Painting San Antonio

At Rainbow Painting & Contracting, we provide you with the best interior and exterior painting in San Antonio. We provide quality services to our clients that range from commercial to residential.

We provide excellent craftsmanship that ensures that your house or commercial building looks brand new. Our staff is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to provide quality services.

If you are looking for a top exterior painter in San Antonio, you don’t have to look any further, because Rainbow Painting & Contracting provides you the best services. For exterior painting specifically, we ensure that the material and technique we use not only gives an enhanced look to your exterior but also makes it weatherproof. Since the exterior walls of a building are exposed to hot and cold weather, including rains, it is essential that the paint lasts a long time. So that you don’t need a coat of paint every few years, we use a top quality product.

In our dealing with our clients, we say what we mean. To us values such as honesty and integrity hold dear. This is why we are one of the trusted interior and exterior paint services in San Antonio. If you’re not sure about how to utilize our services, you will be glad to know that we also provide free consultation services.

The top priority at Rainbow Painting & Contracting is customer satisfaction. In providing our services, we ensure that you are satisfied with the color and the paint job. We do everything ourselves, which mean that we do not trouble our clients for things such as moving furniture and wall hangings. Moreover, our clients can trust our staff, since we do a background check prior to hiring. Not only this, but we also ensure that our staff is highly trained and knows the job.

When it comes to the interior of a building, Rainbow Painting & Contracting provides other services as well.  Our services include but are not limited to wallpaper removal, office painting, fence painting, deck painting and much more.

For more information regarding our services, you can contact us on any one of the emails given. Or simply call us at 210-473-3117.